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2022 - 2025 (New)


 We are pleased to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022-2025 for the whole school implementation of 1:1 learning since 2013.

Since inception, Canberra Primary School (CPS) has been incorporating cutting-edge, ICT-based pedagogies in its curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.  With a visionary leadership and leadership support, teachers’ growth mindset and ongoing teachers’ professional development, CPS continuously seeks opportunities to enable rich learning experiences for its pupils by providing learner-centred environment through harnessing digital technologies and leveraging pupils 1:1 Personal Learning Device (PLDs).

Canberra Experience (CE) ---> Canberra Experience + (CE+) CPS believes that every Canberrian can succeed, regardless of the child’s starting point. This belief has been instrumental in shaping the culture of the school as well as the teaching and learning experiences for our students, collectively known as the Canberra Experience. Pupils are developed to be a Discoverer, Attuned Learner and Global Learner. Leverages individual students’ interests and talent, CPS advanced to Canberra Experience+ to take learning to a different dimension, helping every student to achieve his/her potential, giving him/her wings to soar to greater heights, and confidently face new challenges. This provides enriching learning experiences that are differentiated by content, process, product and learning environment; opportunities for students to embrace the values, attitudes and skills of learning for life; balance between academic rigour and joy of learning. These serve as the cornerstone of the heartbeat of a Canberra’s Learner shown in Figure 1.

* Figure 1


  A comprehensive, progressive and distinctive Applied Learning Programme (ALP) which consists of two stages, Foundation and Orientation, has been put in place since 2014. With a rapid shift towards greater focus on the use of PLDs, Blended Learning (BL) and Home-based Learning (HBL), the school has also placed a strong emphasis in digital literacies. This structured approach will enhance students’ positive values and habits of learning with PLDs, equipping them with the required crucial skills and dispositions as well as moulding them to be successful individuals who are able to harness the use of technology responsibly and effectively through the curation of learning. This will further develop students to become a global learner and global citizen by leveraging Apple technology to connect and collaborate for global learning and impact.



From 2022 to 2023, as GSDP progresses into the 4th C - Continuous Learning phase, pilot schools will continue their sustainability movement in their respective countries and focus their efforts to build their own local communities. In time, more schools and students may benefit and learn about sustainability efforts and that the community may grow over time.

                                                                                                           The next phase of Global Sustainability Development Programme (GSDP)


1) Start Young, Start it Right - Curating My Learning (How CPS use PLDs as a technology enabler to deliver the school’s learning   outcome)

2)Orientation to My Future Learning - Continuing our journey in 1:1 learning (CPS continuous efforts in seeking opportunities through the use of technology)

3)Future Learners, Future Schools (CPS efforts in sustaining an innovative teaching and learning environment)

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