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Applied Learning Programme 

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) was introduced by MOE to help students connect academic knowledge and skills with the real world.  Students would be able to appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic arena and to develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills.


The ALP plays an important role in CPS

Develop Canberrians to be future-ready and responsible digital learners
Facilitate the delivery of Canberra Experience Plus (CE+) through the school’s total curriculum
Provide opportunities for pupils to find greater joy in learning

An Overview - Our Journey

Start Young, Start It Right - Curating My Learning


Orientation To My Future Learning - Ready For Tomorrow

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Future Learners, Future School

future learners school.PNG
Given the changes in the education landscape and shift towards leveraging digital platforms, in 2021, the school has reframed and realigned its ALP objectives as follows:

Foundation Stage for P1 to P4 - Start Young Start It Right – Curating My Learning

1.  Equip pupils with Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) as a technology enabler to deliver the school and applied learning outcomes
2.  Provide pupils with a connected learning experience, enhanced by the integration of ICT using their PLDs in authentic learning settings and by harnessing coding that enables computational thinking for problem solving
3.  Inculcate habits and values of learning with PLDs into our pupils, thereby developing their 21st Century Competencies and Digital Literacy Skills
Orientation Stage for P5 to P6 – Orientation to Future Learning
1.  Continue pupils’ technology-enabled applied learning journey with production-centered learning and by leveraging digital media and communication elements to engage and influence
2.  Broaden opportunities for pupils to discover their interests and talents, develop life skills, a sense of curiosity and a love for learning