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Parents Gateway 



 1.         What is Parents Gateway?

 Parents Gateway is a mobile app available on iOS and Android for parents. It affords schools the convenience of updating parents of your schools’ programmes and for parents to provide consent for their children to participate in school activities.

2.         Why Parents Gateway?

The digitalisation of administrative paperwork (such as issuing, collating of forms) will help alleviate the administrative load of teachers and allow them to devote more time to nurturing their students.

 3.         Who can access Parents Gateway?

 Parents Gateway contains sensitive information about students and their parents. Access to the mobile app is restricted to parents and legal guardians who are Singpass holders.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you are eligible to apply for SingPass:

 i.     Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident

ii.     Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass holders 

iii.     EntrePass holders

iv.     S-Pass holders

v.     Dependant Pass holders (of EP, PEP, EntrePass and S-Pass holders)

vi.     Long Term Visit Pass-Plus (LTVP+) holders 

vii.     Long Term Visit Pass holders

viii.     Selected  Work   Permit   Holders   who   require   SingPass   to   access government digital services. Visit WPOL Enquiry Service to check your status.

 [WPOL link: https://www.ifaq.gov.sg/SINGPASS/apps/fcd_faqmain.aspx

 Schools will continue to issue hardcopy letters and consent forms to parents and legal guardians who are unable to onboard Parents Gateway.

4.         How do I apply for SingPass?

Please  visit  the  SingPass  website  (https://www.singpass.gov.sg),  or  scan  the  QR codes below to register for a SingPass and set up the 2-Step Verification (2FA). Should you require further assistance, please contact SingPass Helpdesk at6643-0555.

SingPass Registration2FA Activation
Singpass registration.png
tn.2FA Activation.png.2.jpg

Please  note  that  SingPass  Mobile  login  is  currently  not  yet  supported  for Android  version  of  Parents  Gateway.  Parents  using  Android  devices  are advised to login using SMS 2FA or OneKey token in the meantime.

5.         I forgot my SingPass password. How do I reset it?

 If you have set up your SingPass 2FA, you can reset your password instantly online:

  1. Visit https://www.singpass.gov.sg
  2. Select “Reset Password” icon on the scroll bar. Enter your NRIC/FIN details, followed by your SMS/Token One-Time Password. 
  3. Create your new SingPass password.

6.         I have to use my SingPass for login. Is it secure?

SingPass is an online account management for access to Singapore Government e-services.    It  allows  you  to  access  hundreds  of  government  services  easily  and securely online.

7.         Must I pay for the app?

Parents Gateway is free of charge.

8.         I have more than 1 child. Do I require multiple accounts?

No, you do not need multiple accounts. You will be able to access all your children’s information through a single platform on Parents Gateway, even if your children are attending different schools

9.         Can I receive information on both Parents Gateway and through hardcopy forms so that I can pin up the forms as reminders?

Parents are encouraged to view the school announcements and consent forms using the app. For parents who wish to receive reminders on upcoming events, there is an “Add to Calendar” feature. Upon selection, the event would be synced with your phone calendar.

 10.       Can I access Parents Gateway on the computer?

Parents Gateway is only available as a mobile application. Supported OS Versions: Android 5.0 or later and iOS 9.1 or later.

11.       Are the access rights limited to one parent only?

No,  both  parents  can  access  their  children’s  information  simultaneously  from  their respective Parents Gateway accounts.

12.       Do both parents have to reply to consent forms?

Only a single consent is required. Once consent has been given, it cannot be edited by either parent. Should there be a change in decision, parents have to inform the school directly.

13.       Does the usage of the app require large data consumption?

Parents Gateway does not require large data consumption.

14.       Can I communicate with my child’s teacher directly via the app?

This feature is not available at this point in time.

 15.       I am experiencing difficulty using the app, who should I go to?

You may approach your child’s school for assistance.

 16.       I have more than one child in school. I can see only my first child’s school’s notices on Parents Gateway. My second child’s school’s notices are not visible on Parents Gateway. Why is this so?

Initial implementation of Parents Gateway involved implementation in 66 pilot schools. Your first child’s school might have been one of these schools which piloted Parents Gateway. Your second child’s school may not have onboarded yet because it was not part of the initial 66 schools who implemented Parents Gateway.

Your child’s school will notify you on the date of implementation.

17.       When can I start using Parents Gateway?

Parents are advised not to rush to download Parents Gateway until the school has notified them of its date of implementation.

 18.      Will Parents Gateway be available to Independent Schools?

Yes, Parents Gateway will be available to all government / government-aided and independent schools.
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