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School Leaders' Message 2023

Our Hopes, Our Dreams


Warmest greetings from Canberra Primary School and welcome back from the December vacation break!


2022 was an exciting year for staff and students, as the school returned to normalcy. We are extremely thankful for our team of dedicated staff, supportive parents, as well as students whom we have the privilege of educating. Anchoring on the theme of ‘Be Well, Do Well and Beyond…’, our students and staff took ownership of holistic health: physical, intellectual, emotional and social. We committed ourselves to making our school a safe and conducive learning place, and extended our care and contribution to school, nation, and global community. The school also celebrated the strong performance of our 2022 Primary Six graduands, who have done us proud by performing well under the new Primary School Leaving Examination scoring system. Most of our students have graduated and moved on to secondary schools of their choice. We wish them all the very best in their endeavours and look forward to them living out the Canberra spirit as they soar!


As we move into 2023, we welcome Mr Terence Tan, who has joined the Canberra Primary family as Principal. At the same time, we thank our outgoing Principal, Mr Sam Wong Poo Mun, for his 13 years of dedication and leadership, and wish him the very best.


The theme for 2023 ‘Our Hopes, Our Dreams’ provides staff, students and various stakeholders such as our Parent Support Group and School Advisory Committee a focus on developing our students to find personal success in discovering and pursuing their strengths and passions, as well as to help them discover, develop and draw out the talents inside each one of them.


For our Applied Learning Programme ‘Start Young, Start It Right – Curating My Learning’, students can continue to look forward to a more connected learning experience, enhanced by the use of Personal Learning Devices in authentic settings. Varied learning experiences, such as coding, are also designed to help pupils acquire critical thinking skills. Likewise, our Learn for Life Programme ‘Immersing in Canberra Experience through Musical Theatre Education’ allows students to explore issues and emotions, develop empathy for the experiences of others and explore diverse perspectives as we prepare them to become more confident, creative and collaborative individuals.


In addition to our distinctive programmes, the school will continue to provide interest-based tracks at the Primary 3 and 4 levels. Based on students’ interests in aesthetics, sports, languages or reasoning, these students will have opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed in life.


While we are certain that 2023 will bring with it unexpected opportunities and challenges, we are optimistic that in our pursuit of excellence, the school community will be able to better prepare our students in becoming stronger and more resilient individuals in the face of a fast and ever-changing world.


We wish everyone a blessed, healthy, and fruitful 2023 ahead.