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School Leaders' Message

Welcome to Canberra Primary School!  

In our school, we believe that every pupil matters and that our pupils should find their own, unique voices while possessing the confidence to articulate their stand. Thus, we strive to create varied opportunities for our pupils to express themselves, while learning to respect and collaborate well with others. The multiple platforms which we create, be they big or small, share a common purpose: to nurture our pupils as confident individuals who are able not only to advance causes that they hold dear to, but also contribute to the betterment of others.  

The school places a premium on the character and citizenship development of every pupil. Besides our focus on our Values Education, the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department, in collaboration with the Student Development Team (SDT), has leveraged our Educational and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme to raise pupils’ awareness of their strengths and interests, help them plan their educational pathways and select secondary schools. In so doing, we hope to provide more opportunities for them to explore different careers and nurture their aspirations for the future.  

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – ‘Start Young, Start it Right’ has been expanded to include our Academy of Play (AOP), so that we can cultivate in our pupils the spirit of learning for life. Our Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) has stepped up its talent development efforts to introduce two new platforms to identify and recognise pupils for their artistic talents. These platforms are our very own ‘Sing Canberra’ and the ‘Arts Ambassador’ programmes.  Such initiatives have allowed pupils with talent and passion in these domains to not only showcase their potential, but more importantly, go through a structured talent development.  

2018 was a delightful and fulfilling year for our pupils and staff. In line with our theme, ‘CPS for Singapore; Singapore ICON for Educational Excellence’, we deepened the meaningfulness of our pupils’ learning. The school advanced Canberra Experience+ (Plus) to take learning to a different dimension, helping every pupil to achieve his/her potential and giving him/her wings to soar, and confidently face new challenges.  

Our 2018 Primary Six graduands brought great pride and joy to all of us by performing well in the Primary School Leaving Examination, with every one of our pupils graduating and being offered a place in a secondary school. This achievement is made all the more sweeter, given that they were the pioneers of our 1:1 learning programme with personal learning devices.  

Stepping forward into 2019, we would like to warmly welcome our new Vice Principal, Ms Stephanie Ho, on board our team. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr Kevin Patt, our former Vice Principal (Administration) for his support and leadership.  

As we forge ahead, our caring staff are committed to providing enriching experiences that bring out splendour and fulfilment in learning. We look forward to partnering parents and the community to support our pupils as they grow from strength to strength. Do join us as ONE Canberra family and together, let us write a narrative of learning, growth and empowerment for our pupils!  

PLUS Every Experience: Trusting to Learn; Trusting My Learning and Talent; and Valuing Me.    

We wish you a wonderful 2019 ahead!  
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Vice Principal
Vice Principal