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School Leaders' Message

Warmest greetings from Canberra Primary School!

2019 was a year of value-adding to our Canberra Experience for all our pupils. Anchoring on the theme,
PLUS Every Experience: Trusting to Learn; Trusting My Learning and Talent; and Valuing Me, we set out to take learning to a different dimension, helping every pupil to achieve his/her potential and giving him/her wings to soar, and confidently face new challenges.      


Last year, we also celebrated the wonderful performance of our 2019 Primary Six graduands, who brought joy to all of us by performing well in the Primary School Leaving Examination. We are proud that every one of them has graduated and has been offered a place in a secondary school. We wish them all the very best in their endeavours and look forward to them demonstrating the Canberra spirit as they soar! Moving into 2020, we will continue to enhance our Canberra Experience Plus learning for every Canberrian, premising our approach on our 2020 theme, Advocate for Learning / Champion for Learning. As part  of these efforts, we have embarked on the next cycle of improvement for our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP).


For our ALP, “Start Young Start It Right - Curating My Learning” we will explore possibilities of collaborating with other organisations/schools while creating varied learning spaces, such as through learning with Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality technology. With respect to our LLP, “Immersing in Canberra Experience through Musical Theatre Education”, we will be looking into developing faculty musicals, having completed a trilogy of musicals from 2013 to 2017. A gallery will also be set up to display pupils’ artefacts which capture their journey in Musical Theatre Education.


In addition to our distinctive programmes, we are also pioneering interest-based tracks at the Primary 3 level. Based on their interests in aesthetics, languages, reasoning or sports, our Primary 3 pupils will have opportunities to explore differentiated learning experiences. Our pupils will not only develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life, they will also acquire the competencies needed to be future-ready learners. Their talents will also blossom as we help them to foster joy and curiosity as they pursue lifelong learning.


As we forge ahead this year, we are committed to providing rich and meaningful experiences that bring out splendour and fulfilment in learning. We look forward to partnering parents and the community to support our Canberrians.  


We wish everyone a fruitful 2020!