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School Leaders' Message

Greetings to our parents and partners. Welcome to another year of learning and growing!

2017 has been both a delightful and enriching one for both our pupils and staff. The landmark moment was our school’s International Musical in August 2017, the finale of our trilogy which began in 2013. This production was not just a mere showcasing of our aesthetics talents, but a journey which celebrated our pupils’ passion for learning and the arts, values inculcation and teamwork.  The journey bounded the Canberra family even closer with our international partner schools, Overberg Primary School and Beaumont Primary Schools from South Africa, Dong Lin Primary School from Wuxi, China and SJK(C) Pay Fong 3 from Malacca, Malaysia. This once-in-a-lifetime experience brought our pupils one step closer to realising their potential as Global Learners. 

Another significant moment last year was the recognition for Canberra Primary School as an Apple Distinguished School for our school’s learning innovation, leadership and education excellence.  This recognition has put us in good standing as we embarked on our ‘Orientation to Future Learning’ with our pupils.  Through this technology-enabled applied learning journey, we aim to broaden opportunities for our pupils to discover interests and talents, develop life skills, a sense of curiosity and a love for learning. 

In Canberra Primary School, we place a premium on the holistic development of our pupils. Our pursuit of excellence aims to develop the head, heart and hands of our pupils. We nurture our pupils with the values and dispositions through not just the rigour of learning, but also provide for the splendour of experiences through both curricular and co-curricular programmes. It is our hope that through the Canberra Experience, our pupils will grow up to not only identify their passion but also to master that love for lifelong learning.  As part of the next leap, we will be embarking on ‘Canberra Experience+’ to look at deepening these experiences for our pupils and nurturing their aspirations for the future.

With the school’s educational philosophy and commitment of staff as well as the strong support from parents, stakeholders as well as the community, we are confident that our pupils will graduate from Canberra Primary with confidence to embrace the future, regardless of the types of opportunities and challenges the future may bring.

We invite you to join us and your children in this adventurous and meaningful partnership. 

Wishing all of you a great year ahead!

Mr Sam Wong, Principal

Mr Kirupanantha Kumar, Vice-Principal