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Heads of Department and Faculty Heads

DepartmentHead of Department
EnglishVincy Lazarus Raju
MathematicsLee Fui Ling
Science  -
Mother Tongue & CMETan Yi Ling
Character and Citizenship Education  Lim Yee Ping Ruth 
Aesthetics Rahmat B Muhammad
Physical Education & CCA  Mohamed Fauzy Bin Kasdi 
Information  Communication & Technology Haryantie Bte Mustafa
Staff Management Aw Lilian

FacultyFaculty Heads
Faculty 1 (Primary 1 and 2)Komathi
Lee Swee Kee Jessie (Asst)
Faculty 2 (Primary 3 and 4)
Rajasveri D/O Renganathan
Faculty 3 (Primary 5 and 6)Choi Poh Quin Sam