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About Us 

Canberra Primary School was established in January 2000. The school takes the name of the old Canberra School which closed down in 1988.

The school initially functioned at Wellington Primary School as its building at 21 Admiralty Drive was not ready. The school moved into its new premises in November 2000. It caters to the educational needs of pupil population in the new Sembawang Estate.

Currently, the school has an Enrollment of 1380 pupils and functions as a single session.

Both the school leadership and the staff aspire to develop the strength of character and build the capacity and potential of every pupil in the school. The school also strives to inspire a passion in teaching and commitment to excellence in each of its teachers. Through its mission, vision and core values as well as its strategic thrusts, the school aims for high achievements and the creation of a holistic learning and nurturing environment.