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Staff Development and Management

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Valuing and Believing in our People


The guiding principles of Canberra Primary School Staff Resource Management is “Valuing and Believing in our People” as it encapsulates the school culture of Belief, Trust, Space and Time in Pursuit of Excellence. With the HR mission to develop, engage and retain staff with the desired profile and passion, the school takes the HEART approach of:

  • Human resource planning that ensures Right people for the Right jobs through structured learning and development (L&D) programme.   
  • Staff Engagement level is heighted by SLs adopting an open-door policy for ground-up initiatives. The PIER review model and the RLC (knowing your Role, Levelling up & Capturing the moment) propels individual and collective participation in innovation and ensure continuous innovation efforts towards positive pupil outcomes.   ·      
  • The school supports staff professional Advancement by providing opportunities for customized and structured L&D. Developing active learners, reflective practitioners and leadership capabilities through structured mentoring programmes are key strategies to grow quality staff. Staff-led professional development is fostered through in-house PD seminar, Time-Tabled-Time and structured Mentoring programme.
  • Recognising and rewarding staff through various internal and external platforms. School supports external nominations for service excellence, subject and values-based awards. Peer nomination was emphasized through the internal annual Outstanding Contribution Award.
  • In promoting Total Well-Being, the staff well-being committee works closely with the Exco team in planning activities that promote physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being. School-based policies provide clarity in workload allocation for different staff segments, taking into account staff strengths and preferences.