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Programmes ( From Primary 1 to 6)


STELLAR seeks to develop pupils who love reading and have a strong foundation in English Language. 

Lower Primary Strategies include: 
  • Shared Book Approach (SBA) 
  • Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) Explicit teaching of language items, structures and skills 
  • Learning Centres (LC)
  • Shared Writing . 

Upper Primary Strategies include: 
  • Supported Reading Retelling 
  • KWL 
  • Explicit teaching of language items, structures and skills 
  • Writing Process Cycle 
  • Differentiated Instruction.
Drama as Pedagogy   
 Drama is used as strategy to facilitate language development of pupils’ to deepen their understanding of purpose, audience, context and culture when using English Language.

Drama infused lessons such as Readers’ Theatre and Process Drama support language proficiency and develops thinking skills through perspective building.

The focus for drama at each faculty is as follows:
  • Faculty 1 : Drama in Action To develop confidence and individuality in speech and expression through group acting, interaction and movement. 
  • Faculty 2 : Readers’ Theatre and Presentation Skills To encourage creativity and imagination and stimulate thinking skills through fun and engaging reading and role play. 
  • Faculty 3: Perspective Building and Understanding Culture To raise social awareness, interpret ideas and apply interpretations to new situations and develop 21st CC skills.
 Reading Programmes  
 Structured Reading Programme
To build up pupils’ reading comprehension skills through a structured, self-directed reading programme.  

Little Red Dot
 To engage pupils to an early start in cultivating good reading habits and keep abreast of current affairs, both locally and around the world.  

News in Class
To raise pupils’ awareness about local and international current affairs, serving as a platform to promote discussion and critical thinking about values and issues.   
English Week  
 Writers’ Fiesta 2014
To expose pupils to various genres in writing and engage them to write purposefully, meaningfully and creatively based on birthday celebrations through poetry, short stories, lyrics / short scripts.   

Stellar & CI (Curriculum Integration)

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Learning Support Program (LSP)

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Structured Reading Approach (SRA) 

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Speech and Drama

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English Week 2013

Theme: English is Fun!
Objective: To enjoy learning through games and songs 
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