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As part of musical theatre education, the Canberra Young Artists’ Academy was developed in 2018 to further develop and deepen pupils’ diverse talents and abilities in the Arts. This academy aims to nurture pupils’ passion in the arts through Drama, Music and Dance, and develop 21st century competencies in pupils through performance, production and appreciation.

Sing Canberra

A talent development programme for our pupils to master the art of singing, and understanding the power of their vocal so as to spread the joy of music and strengthen their self-confidence.


Started in 2018, potential pupils attend vocal training classes by experts and opportunities created for them to share their learning through National Day Celebrations, Teachers' Day Celebrations, End of Year Prize Presentation Ceremony and Global Arts/ Culture Programme.


Visual Arts Ambassadors Programme

The Visual Art Ambassadors is an Art interest group which aims to strengthen our pupils who are talented in the area of visual arts. They will learn explicit art skills and knowledge that will cater to a higher development and mastery in visual art.


Started in 2018, our pupils are given opportunities to nurture their visual arts and leadership skills through activities such as supporting various school events like Open House, and co-conduct art lessons for overseas partner schools.

Canberra’s Got Talent

Canberra’s Got Talent aims to build a community of talented pupils in the Aesthetics domain, where they will be given a platform to share their musical talent and abilities to their peers. This builds confidence and promotes self-directed learning where pupils will work harder in the pursuit of excellence.


It was first launched for the Faculty 2 students in July 2018 as a recess time concert. This platform was then extended to the Faculty 3 students in September 2018 as a pre-assembly programme. Students share their joy for music through performance which leads towards a lively arts culture.  

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Live Assembly