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Art Curriculum

Art is a powerful form of expression and mode of communication. Art education develops visual literacy which enables our pupils to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see and communicate through visual expression and design.


Our art syllabus aims to develop our pupils as active artists and informed audience with:

·       visual inquiry skills to discover and explore their      surroundings

·       curiosity, imagination and enjoyment in Art making and Art discussion

·       confidence in working individually and in groups to    focus ideas and create artworks

·       awareness of and respect for histories and cultures of key artworks and artists in Singapore and the world

Music Curriculum

Music is one of the most fundamental pursuits and expressions of human civilisation in all cultures of the world. Music education builds the aural abilities of our pupils and empowers them to appreciate and participate in the creation of music.


Our music syllabus aims to provide our pupils with basic Music education, giving them opportunities to develop a connection, an interest in, and enjoyment of Music through developing:

·       awareness and appreciation of Music in local and global cultures

·       ability for creative expression and communication through Music making.