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Robotics Club

Name of CCA Robotics Club
Teachers-in-Charge Ooi Guat Lan
Cheok Liying
Choi Poh Quin, Sam
Voo May Har, Janet
Time of the CCA Every Wednesday : 3.30 p.m.  - 5.30 p.m.
Venue of the CCA Computer Lab 2 (Level 3)
Computer Lab 3 (level 4)
Synopsis of the CCA  Our CCA promotes innovation and teamwork through hands-on activities, such as constructing and programming robots. The club leverages on LEGO MINDSTORMS which is an interactive learning tool to achieve our club’s objectives. The lessons are conducted by external vendors on a weekly basis after school hours. The pupils will complete a basic Robotics course in Primary 3, before moving on to Advanced Robotics from Primary 4 to Primary 6.

Robotics is all about problem-solving through creative thinking and independent learning of students. During the robotics sessions, pupils work in teams to assemble and program robots to perform a variety of challenging tasks and missions.

Pupils in our club are also given the opportunity to participate in cluster school competitions as well as “National Junior Robotics Competition” (NJRC) which is an event held yearly at the Singapore Science centre. Through these experiences, pupils will acquire values such as teamwork and strive hard towards excellence.
Achievements of the CCA World Robo Tournament 2009 - Best Worrior Championship

World Robo Tournament 2009 - Best Project Design (3rd)

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