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Dear Parents/Guardians,




Since the implementation of full Home-Based Learning (HBL) on 8 Apr 2020, the school has been very grateful for your support in ensuring that your child/ward has been able to continue with meaningful learning. It has been heartening to see our students adapting to HBL and demonstrating resilience during this challenging time.


      1.     Revised Academic Calendar for 2020

      With the Multi-Ministry Taskforce's decision to extend the Circuit Breaker period till 1 Jun 2020, the Ministry of Education          (MOE) has announced that the last day of full HBL is 4 May 2020. The June holidays have therefore been brought                   forward to 5 May 2020. Given that the school holidays are commencing earlier, lessons will resume on 2 Jun 2020. More         details on the format of these lessons – physical classes, partial HBL or full HBL – will be released at a later date                     depending on the national posture at that time.


     Please note that Term 3 will last for 14 weeks, ending on 6 Sep (Fri). Schools will also have an additional Mid-Term Break       from 20 July to 26 July as reflected below:


Start Date

End Date

Full Home-Based Learning

7 Apr (Tue)

4 May (Mon)

Mid-Year School Holidays

5 May (Tue)

1 Jun (Mon)

Term 3

2 Jun (Tue)

4 Sep (Fri)

Mid-Term 3 Break

18 Jul (Sat)

26 Jul (Sun)

September Holidays

5 Sep (Sat)

13  Sep (Sun)


      2.    Continued Suspension of Student Care Centres’ General Services

      Student Care Centres will continue to suspend their general services during the extended Circuit Breaker period. If you            are working in essential services, and are unable to secure alternative care arrangements, you may approach the school          for assistance.


     3.     Supporting Students’ Learning

      The school is looking into providing support through remediation for selected P6 students, who will be attending face-to-          face lessons in small groups from 26 May to 1 Jun 2020. Ample and appropriate safe distancing measures will be taken.          For the rest of the P6 cohort, online lessons and consultation through HBL will be provided during the same period. The          school will send a follow-up letter to P6 parents on the arrangements by 6 May 2020.


      For non-graduating students, adjustments will be made to help students cope with the reduced curriculum time when                lessons resume. Selected students in our Learning Support Programme (LSP), Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM),        School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) programme and Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) will also be                    supported from 26 May to 1 Jun 2020 to enable a smoother back-to-school-transition. The school will inform the parents          of  these selected students on the arrangements by 6 May 2020.


      4.     Travel Matters

       On 18 Mar 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) had advised Singaporeans and residents to defer all travel abroad. As the         MOH advisory is still in force, the school will not be requiring the submission of travel declarations for the upcoming                 holidays. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to keep your child/ward at home during this period. In particular, the         school would like to highlight the Government’s advice to take the circuit breaker measures seriously, to stay at home               and  comply with safe distancing measures.


      Please note that should exceptional travel occur, besides risking being infected overseas and transmitting to others                   locally, the following would also apply:

a)     the requirement to apply for and obtain an entrance permit from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)    prior to return to Singapore for International Students, non-Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident parents;

b)     14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) issued upon return to Singapore;

c)     14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) for students staying in the same household with someone on SHN; and

d)     unsubsidised healthcare if the returnee should come down with COVID-19 upon return to Singapore.


      5.     Supporting Student Well-being during the Holidays

      During the extended Circuit Breaker period, students can remain meaningfully engaged at home through the attached              Holiday Care Pack produced by MOE. Parents/guardians can discuss the activities in the pack with your child/ward. The          pack contains activities and tips for students covering:

a)     Mental health (e.g. gratitude, sleep);

b)     Values in Action @ Home;

c)     Physical activity and nutrition;

d)     Cyber Wellness; and

e)     Peer support.

•           pending time with family

MOE and the school will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and provide the necessary support. Thank you and we wish you and your family well.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Sam Wong