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Arrangements for Schools in Phase Two

Dear Parents/Guardians,




We are grateful that you have worked hand in hand with us to enable students to return progressively to school the past four weeks. As Singapore has moved into Phase Two of re-opening and we prepare to welcome back all students in school from 29 June 2020, we would like to update you on our efforts to ensure that our school environment remains a safe and conducive one for all staff and students.


    1.     Safe Management Measures (SMMs)


Please note the following SMMs that will remain unchanged:


§  Daily temperature-taking will continue to be carried out for all students and staff.

§  The school will clean high-touch surfaces more frequently and disinfect the premises daily.

§  Students and staff are required to wear their masks or face shields (if the wearing of face masks is not possible).

§  Students will practise frequent hand-washing throughout the school day and practise wipe down of tables and shared equipment after use.

§  Intermingling across classes and levels will be minimised.

§  There will be fixed exam-style seating in classrooms and spaced seating in the canteen and other recess venues (e.g. amphitheatre, school hall).


The SMMs below have also been updated:

    §  Visual screening of students will take place at the school gates during arrival, while additional visual and questioning                screening will take place in class.

§  The school will also continue to stagger arrival, dismissal and recess timings to reduce congestion. In order to ensure safe distancing while accommodating all students during the different recesses, we have updated some levels’ recess timings as reflected in yellow in the table below. All students will continue to have 30 minutes of recess in assigned seating areas that are spaced apart. To facilitate such arrangements, the school hall will be used as an additional venue for recess.



First Period Start Time

Recess Time

Dismissal Time


8.00 am

Students should report to their classrooms at least 5 minutes before the first period starts.

10.15 am

1.20 pm

Students taking school bus or public bus will be dismissed at 1.15 pm.


8.00 am

9.15 am

1.25 pm


7.45 am

9.00 am

1.20 pm


8.00 am

10.00 am

1.20 pm


8.00 am

9.45 am

1.25 pm


7.45 am

9.30 am

1.30 pm


Students will enter and leave school by their usual gates. For example, P1 and P2 will be dismissed by Gate 6 (back gate), while the other levels will be dismissed by Gates 2 and 10 (front two gates).



    2.     Physical Education (PE), Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), External Activities and After-School Programmes


During PE lessons, we will be conducting activities with the PE teacher leading from the front, such as aerobics workouts, dance routines and strengthening exercises. The school is also looking into gradually resuming CCAs and will allow some CCAs which are suitable to be conducted through digital means to restart after the mid-term break in July. Other after-school programmes that have been put on hold will resume gradually in the later part of Term 3 as well, with more details being shared in due course. However, external activities and those that involve mingling of students across schools will remain suspended until further notice.



    3.     Continued Support and Understanding of Parents/Guardians


In Phase Two, we would need the collective effort of all parents/guardians and students to exercise social responsibility so that schools stay safe. As such, we would like to seek the support of parents/guardians to continue emphasising the importance of safe distancing and good personal hygiene habits to the children. If your child/ward is feeling unwell (e.g. sore throat, fever or cough), please take him/her to see a doctor and keep him/her at home. If there are any adult household members (18 years and above) unwell with flu-like symptoms or are on home quarantine/Stay Home Notice, please inform the school and keep your child/ward at home.


Thank you for your support and stay safe.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Sam Wong