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2021 Term 2 School Calendar and Letter to Parents

Dear Parents



1.     Appreciation

We would like to thank you for partnering us in Term 1 to support the holistic development of your child/ward. We hope that your child/ward will enjoy a well-deserved break from tomorrow till 21 Mar 2021 with loved ones, and we look forward to welcoming him/her back to school on 22 Mar 2021.


2.     Staff Movement 

We are pleased to welcome the following new staff who have joined our Canberra family:

§  Ms Hanisah Bte Mohd Jailani, an English and Mathematics Teacher;

§  Ms Shannon Yeo Shi Er, an English Language and Mathematics Teacher; and

§  Mr Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Jumari, a Physical Education Teacher.


3.     Term 2 2021 School Calendar

Please find appended in Annex A our school calendar for Term 2 for your reference.

While the school calendar for Term 2 provides the start dates for remedial, supplementary and enrichment sessions for specific levels, you may also wish to refer to the daily schedule in Table 1 below for an overview for all levels. Please also note:

a)     There are no remedial lessons for P1 students;

b)     P2 students will commence enrichment in Term 2 and remedial sessions in Term 3; and

c)     P3 students are starting remedial sessions in Term 2.

Table 1: Overview of Term 2 Remedial, Supplementary and Enrichment Sessions









Staff Meetings and Professional Development Sessions













Enrichment: Interest-based Programme

Remedial: MTL

Remedial: E/M/S

Remedial: E/M/S


Remedial: E/M/S

Enrichment: Interest-based Programme

Remedial: E/M/S

Remedial: MTL












Remedial: E








Remedial: MTL

Remedial: MS




E - English Language; M - Mathematics; S - Science; MTL - Mother Tongue Language

HMT - Higher Mother Tongue; FMA - Foundation Mathematics


4.     Reminders on Safe Management Measures (SMMs) 

We would like to seek the continued support of parents/guardians in adhering to the following SMMs:

§  Students and staff who are unwell, or who have household members on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or have adult household members (aged 18 and above) with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, are required to stay home on Approved Absence.

§  Daily temperature-taking will continue to be carried out for all students and staff.

-        Students should ensure that they bring a working Oral Digital Thermometer to school daily.

§  Students and staff are required to wear their masks.

-        We have noticed some students not wearing their masks properly (e.g. wearing it below the nose). We hope that parents/guardians can help to reinforce the importance of proper mask-wearing to your child/ward.

-        We also encourage all students to bring an extra mask daily, together with a resealable bag / mask holder that can be used to store their masks when they need to be removed (e.g. during recess)


5.     School Improvement Works

As part of our continual efforts to enhance our school environment, we are pleased to update parents/guardians on the following school improvement works that have been completed in Term 1 and/or will be taking place this year. Please refer to Table 2 below. For all school improvement works, please be assured that the necessary safety precautions are taken to ensure the well-being of students and staff. At the same time, we take care to make sure that inconveniences are minimised and that learning is not disrupted.


Table 2: Overview of School Improvement Works for 2021


Completed Improvement Works

·        Painting of school interior

·        Replacement of interlocking tiles on fire engine access road

·        Installation of notice boards outside classrooms

·        Installation of penmanship boards for P1 classrooms

·        Sprucing up of corridors, faculty and CCA boards

·        Installation of basketball practice boards at The Ground


Improvement Works in Progress

·        Painting of school exterior (until end Mar)


Upcoming Improvement Works

·        Re-laying of flooring outside Level 1 classrooms (Mar holidays)

·        Sprucing up of other boards (Mar holidays)

·        Installation of covered walkway between Block A and The Ground (Jun holidays)

·        Upgrading of toilets behind canteen (Jun holidays)

·        Installation of new homework boards for classrooms (Jun holidays)

·        Re-laying of flooring from Gate 6 to Gate G (Jun holidays)

·        Upgrading of Level 1 toilets at Block D (Dec holidays)


6.     Traffic Situation Outside School Gates During Arrival and Dismissal

We thank parents/guardians for your cooperation in helping to maintain safe traffic conditions in and around the school. Instances of indiscriminate parking near our front and back gates in the morning (during arrival) and in the afternoon (at dismissal) have reduced. We would like to continue to seek the support of parents/guardians to be considerate to nearby residents when parking or stopping your vehicle to fetch your child/ward to and from school. Please also be reminded that enforcement officers will be on duty within the vicinity of the school to monitor the situation and take action, if necessary.


Once again, we thank you for your support in your child/ward’s learning and development in our school.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Sam Wong


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